About us

A Portfolio of Excellence

We always maintain exceptional build quality across our projects.


Roch Valley Homes build homes with vision, quality and value in mind.
We are a small family firm of building and design enthusiastics, with a passion for property. Our developments are all very different, ranging from traditional family homes in the countryside: exclusive, one-off individual homes to luxury mill conversion apartments; therefore offering exciting and different choices for all tastes and budgets.

The name of Roch Valley Homes has long been associated with building quality family house at affordable prices. As a family run business, Roch Valley Developments understands better than most the need for specially designed properties which are both family friendly and at the right price. And as numerous buyers of Roch Valley properties can testify, putting your trust in us, means peace of mind. Based in Rochdale we have developed a number of sites in the area including Whitworth, Littleborough, Smallbridge and Walsden.

We create homes not houses

We build real homes for real people.

Over the years we have helped many people buy their dream home.
Whilst we are committed to delivering excellence in our build projects, we also take great pride in seeing the our houses become homes to the people who buy them. Since we established Roch Valley Homes in 1990, we can reveal some interesting statistics.


  • 8 The number of developments we have completed.
  • 6 The number of different areas we have worked in.
  • 75 The total amount of individual homes we have sold.
  • 12 The number of different house styles we have created.
  • 94 The percentage of satisfied customers.

Commitment to Safety

We understand the importance of compliance and regulation.

Our history

From where we started to where we are now.


The beginning of Roch Valley Homes when we purchased our first plot of land in Rochdale.


A significant growth period with up to 3 developments underway at any one time.


A semi-retirement period in France.


A triumphant return! After realising they were not quite ready for retirement, the principal Directors returned from France to complete a long held ambition to convert Hollins Mill in Walsden.