How to Buy

our buying process

A step by step guide to owning a Roch Valley Home.


It is important that we understand your position. Whether you are a cash buyer, require a mortgage or have a property to sell, the initial reservation process and requirements could be a little different depending on your individual position. Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you make and we feel you need our attention at this stage.


Once the Pre-reservation stage has been satisfactorily completed you are then able to formally reserve the property by completing a Reservation Form and paying a Reservation Fee*. The fee is deducted from the price of your home on completion, and once paid the property will be removed from the market providing you the comfort that the plot is exclusively reserved for you.

Exchange of Contracts

When the reservation process has been completed the plot is secured for a period of four weeks, during which time our respective Solicitors will proceed towards exchange of contracts. During this time, depending on your financial position, your mortgage lender may arrange for a valuation to be carried out. Also, subject to the stage of construction they may also carry out a survey of the new home. Once the legal work is complete, contracts are exchanged and a deposit is paid which will be held as stakeholder by the Solicitors providing you the necessary security and comfort.

Depending on the stage of construction you will be provided a choice of kitchen, bathrooms and tiling options. If you have reserved prior to commencement of construction, or at an early enough stage of the build process, we will work with you to make any changes to our internal design and standard specification that we can to tailor your requirements.

Construction Process

Depending on the stage of construction your Roch Valley Home may not be ready for you to immediately move into. If this is the case we will advise of the proposed completion date at the outset and keep you fully informed throughout the build stages of your home so arrangements for completion can be made in plenty of time.


Once construction is complete and following our own quality inspection, you will be offered the opportunity to view your new home before your Solicitor transfers the balance of payment. On the date of completion, once the monies have been transferred to us, you become the legal owner of your new home. We will meet you at the property to perform your New Home Demonstration where we will explain where things are and how they work before handing you the keys to your new Roch Valley Home. You can now move in!

Peace of Mind

Roch Valley Homes are always on hand to answer any queries you may have along the way.