Planning Permission

Planning Permission

Outline Planning Permission (OPP) is the stage at which the planning department has agreed the basic principle of the development. It literally outlines the project e.g. To build a 4 bedroom two storey dwelling.

The next stage is Detailed Planning Permission (DPP). The details are then examined in depth - your plans, the dimensions, and building materials will all form the basis of a final decision.

Most applicationsĀ go through both stages of planning permission. Applying for OPP will save you the cost of having expensive, detailed house plans drawn up before you know if you will be able to build on the land. It is possible to go straight to the detailed stage, although you stand to lose the money invested in the plans.

Once Detailed Planning Permission is gained you have five years to begin work.
If you are looking to buy land without planning permission with a view to future development you should consider the following factors outside of your control that can determine whether your application will be successful:

  • Access
  • Overlooking from neighbouring houses;
  • Obstacles, such as electricity substations and telegraph poles;
  • Trees
  • Made-up ground; drains, indicated by manhole covers;

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